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fun with stencil.

I admittedly LOVE stencils. And I love that there are more and more modern options to choose from. (((a far cry from the grapes and, “country chic” motifs of years past))) Here is my current favorite, used in a painting I made for a little kiddo I know.





Pom Poms and Plaid

It’s beginning to finally look (and feel) like fall. So of course I decided it was necessary to make a plaid headboard. And make a chalkboard to hang over it. And a banner…

I found this lampshade (for free!) on my way to pick out fabric for the headboard. All it needed was pom poms. (((Obviously)))

(((ninja cat)))         She’s after the banner, its made out of her favorite things… paper & sparkle.
The headboard base is an old Ikea tabletop. The chalkboard is also made from a tabletop.  I made the shelf in the corner to hold things like cell phones that are also alarm clocks.  My apartment does not allow for nightstands.




I had some extra fabric, so I decided to reupholster my kitchen chairs as well.

A few of my favorite things…

I love vintage cameras. And new cameras that look and act like old cameras.


So I decided to paint some of my favorites.Image
I started this painting FOREVER ago… perhaps half the reason I started this blog was to see some things to completion.


I have a postcard that reads, “An artist is someone who finishes things.”  There is an unfinished line in the middle of the card.


I find unfinished edges on canvas entirely maddening.


Vintage cameras are, as a general rule, adorably named… EXAMPLES PLEASE?  okay. The Time Traveler, Brownie and Swinger… (((oh my!)))


Perhaps just perhaps this funny little painting will remind me to take more photographs… with fabulously old fashioned film.

a is for accordion…

My vintage dictionary has lovely little pictures on its pages. From these pictures I have decided to make 26 silly little alphabet paintings. To start things off we have an accordion, (egg) beater and chopstick(s).

the (egg) beater.


abc blocks

and z will be for zither.